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A Read Aloud, a Mentor Text for Reading & Writing Strategies, or Enjoy as an Independent Read!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Such a Library: A Yiddish Folktale Re-imagined by Jill Ross Nadler Illustrated by Esther Van Den Berg

Picture Book and Mentor Text 40 pages © 2020

As a read aloud: This title will keep your students giggling throughout as more and more wild antics are introduced to the "quiet" library. Repetitive language will have students "reading" the book out loud with the teacher.

Reading Strategies: This is a great choice for students to predict what the author's next move will be. The word choice is vibrant and beautifully descriptive to keep the reading captivated.

Writing Strategies: This book shouts WORD CHOICE! Use as a mentor text for teaching students to add sounds like whoosh and swoosh, oooh eeee, woot toot and more. Descriptive language like stupendous, tip-toed, outstanding, and more is used throughout.

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