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Another Science Read Aloud & Mentor Text For Informational Reading & Writing

Picture Book 32 pages © 2020

As a read aloud, this picture book is one of those titles that will captivate the youngest of readers as well as adults. The illustrations are very kid friendly and vibrant. Readers are asked the same question, "What kind of animal would you be if....", inviting the reader to make a prediction before turning the page and learning new facts about the next featured animal.

Use this picture book as a mentor text for reading and writing. On the first read, point out how the author organized the information with just a few facts on each page. Notice how the illustrations compliment the information. Notice how the author uses a repetitive question to draw the reader in. If students are doing an informational writing piece, point out how the author uses comparison (human eyes vs spider eyes) and a variety of animals (spider, starfish, snails, slugs, etc) to tell the story. Remind students that only a few facts are on each page so the reader is not overwhelmed with information.

While this nonfiction title is perfect for younger students, teachers in upper grades can use this title as an instructional tool as well. Click on the picture book for a link

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