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New Graphic Novel Series for Younger Readers

(Pea, Bee, and Jay: Wannabees #2)

Got early readers who are ready to increase their reading stamina and are ready for a graphic novel with not too much print on the page? Check out this new series that is a big hit with kids!

Pea confidently rolls around the farm but a sudden downpour disorients him and Pea is lost until he enlists the help of two unlikely characters, Bee who is know-it-all, and Jay who has not learned to fly. Corny, funny, and engaging!

Students may need a little help with some of the language (Grandpa calls the young Pea a whippersnapper) and if this is a student's first graphic novel, some one-on-one instruction may be needed to teach the student how to read the graphic format.

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