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Read Aloud, Mentor Text for Personal Narrative, & an Independent Reading Choice for Primary Grades

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Mentor Text & Picture Book 40 pages © 2020

Some chapters are one or two sentences while other chapters are four pages in length. Lots of white space and illustrations on every page make this a good independent reading choice for first and second graders.

This is also a good choice for teachers to use as a mentor text when teaching personal narrative to our youngest writers. Have students notice that the small moments in Harris's life are a great story. Some of the small moments are just a few sentences (which is ok) and some of the small moments are much longer (which is also good). Notice the details the author uses to tell about Harris's drawing or what Harris does at preschool. This is a perfect book for lessons with show, don't tell and for small moments.

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